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Portrait - June 17th (2)

About John

John Juricic is a Sales and Business Development Evangelist and Digital Marketing Specialist with 40+ years of business, community and political experience.

John’s community experience includes 12 years within the Chamber of Commerce ecosystem including Chair of the Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce (GVCC), a Director of the Board of the BC Chamber of Commerce, Chair of the Greater Victoria Economic Development Agency and Chair of the Langford Economic Development Committee.

Consulting activity has included Executive Director of the Sidney North Saanich Industrial Group, Chair of the Vancouver Island Manufacturing Sector Advisory Board and North Central BC Manufacturing Sector Advisory Board, Chair of the Sidney Breakfast Club and partner with Harbour Digital Media, a company of Educational Entrepreneurs that incorprate custom learning & training solutions and processes to impact corporate & organizational efficiency and productivity.


About Kelly

Founder & CEO of Spark Agency,  Westshore Web Hosting and Ryes & Shine Craft Distillery 

With a rich background in culinary arts and a passion for technology, Kelly stands at the intersection of creativity and innovation. As the founder of Spark Agency and Westshore Web Hosting in Victoria, BC, Canada, he has carved a niche in the realms of marketing, web design, and hosting services. A former certified chef, bartender, and catering manager, Kelly brings a unique blend of artistic flair and technical acumen to his ventures.


His academic journey in computer systems and technologies, with a focus on web development, LAMP, and SEO, laid the foundation for his entrepreneurial success.


His hobbies are as diverse as his professional skills, ranging from distilling and crafting cocktails to playing drums and guitar. Kelly is also keenly interested in new-age health processes and traveling. He is an avid reader, with favorites like Dale Carnegie’s “How to Win Friends and Influence People” and Stephen Covey’s “7 Habits of Highly Effective People.”


As Spark Agency continues to grow and scale Kelly’s dream of opening a craft distillery, Ryes and Shine, specializing in moonshine, Rye Whisky, and Gin, is set for 2024.